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We-Vibe Touch X Review

Again, another incredibly fun one to have had the pleasure of trying!

When I first opened the package and got to the toy, the first thing that I noticed was how petite and perfectly fitting the Touch X was in the palm of my hand. Soon following the super soft, silky, silicone texture. *Drool.

You’ll notice the tip of the Touch X is pretty flexible. Making it great for clitoral stimulation or any other sensitive pin points on the body that you can get into!

The flat oval shape also makes it great to cover you entire clit area for another great sensation, or any other part of the body, giving you and /or your partner a sensual, pleasing and vibrant massage.

Designed by We-Vibe, they definitely had 2 in mind. – Though I personally have not had the pleasure of trying this baby out with a partner.. yet! The slim, flat shaped vibe fits perfectly in-between two people. Giving you both some serious pleasure.. I’d imagine.

Hold the plus button to turn on and increase the vibration.

Comes with 10 different modes to choose from.

Hold the negative button to turn off and decrease the vibration.

Also, there’s a lock option! For travel, discreet company. Simply hold the positive and negative buttons at the same time and hold again to unlock. Woo!

USB rechargeable and waterproof.

The silicone material also makes it super easy to clean. Use your favourite toy cleaner, or add a little soap and water to do the job.

This one has definitely become my Go-To clit vibe! Just saying.

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