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Who knew that being tied up could be so freeing

I had forgotten this part of me for a few months. Left dormant, numb. I had gone through a lot in just a short period of time, that now looking back, felt like an eternity.

Having my boundaries tested; listening to my body, my intuition rather than giving others the benefit of the doubt, always. And by others, I do mean a few. But a few good, hard lessons that left me broken for some time.

I was searching for my connection, for my strength again. Knowing that it was and is always there, simply 'banished' for a time, is how it felt.


When Sergey reached out to see if I would be willing to do this photoshoot, I was in. No hesitations. It was my break, my escape, my retrieval that I was needing.

Purely and simply for me.

Completely ready to be submissive to myself and this experience, knowing that that is where my strength would come through.

The experience..

— I'm welcomed to the studio set with care and ease.

I head down to the dressing room, and continue to feel a sense of warmth and welcomeness.


Sergey mets me, and we begin to plan the shoot. He asks me what my intention is for this photoshoot? I reply, "to express this part of me that I've felt I haven't been able to for some time. To feel myself, to step into who I am and becoming more of."

He goes through consent and safety with me. - Which having some background knowledge in BDSM, and my own learnings and tools, this was greatly appreciated. And made me feel already more safe and in trust.

I stepped out of the dressing room, nude. I continue to feel safe and at ease. Even while I was having a hard time putting on nipple clamps for the set, fidgeting with them, Sergey never made me feel uneasy.

I experienced with spit play next, which surprisingly I found to be quite enjoyable. Again, showing me pieces that I've wanted to bring to light. In essence, me.

We then did about 4-5 different rope tie sets. Each one unique, and a beautiful experience. The beauty of the rope ties, the marks they leave behind when finished, the sensation of being tied up (with full consent and safety), and the feeling of complete freedom in my body and self.


Sergey held a professional approach throughout the entire set. Consistently checking in with me.

When we finished the last set, I knew I was done when the only thing I could say was, "I'm hungry." — My body and mind were ready to come into balance.

Sergey asks me what I'll be doing for after care. Aware of this process, I respond, "go cozy up, be warm, get a good meal in, watch a movie. Drink lots of water."

We had done it. I felt like myself again. I was shown how much of myself I was still holding back. Trying to please those around me, yet only diminishing a part of me. The part that is ready for these next steps, the one that sets my soul free.

Many thanks and gratitude for these connections.

— Thank you, Sergey, for allowing me to come through in your safety and for doing the same for others.

With love,



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