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For the Intuitive & Likeminded


My name is Selene and it brings me great pleasure to welcome you here!

I have been offering Energy Work, aiding in another's healing and supporting them on their path professionally for a decade now.

It has brought me contentment and a sense of pleasure and joy being that safe channel and space for my clients, sharing the information and wisdom that lays within them, guiding them on their path of healing, self discovery & more.


Through the process I have also discovered that my true joy lays in helping to heal Sexuality in a more positive and meaningful way. Healing my own emotional, mental, spiritual and sexual trauma has led me on the path I've chosen today.

Weaving together my gifts, knowledge and tools to bring you closer to your true self and purpose.

My intention is that you feel safe and empowered to move forward on your path of self healing and self discovery, living ethically in your True Nature.

I welcome you to explore, and feel what is being called to you.

With love,


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Image by Louis Hansel

Guiding You Intuitively & Professionally

"Selene is very professional, confident, kind and a strong woman. She made me feel very comfortable. She was very encouraging and helped to bring me into my power."

- Shelby Lund

Life Balance Intuitive Practitioner Program


It is my passion to help reconnect you to your life's passions and soul's purpose.

Work With Me

Tea Infusion

Reiki Session

Gentle Hands on Healing

Life Balance Session

An Intuitive Read of Your Energetic Body

Menstrual Cycle Guidance +
Herbal Consultation

Reconnect to your Natural Rhythm


Take Energy Healing into your own Hands

Water Keepers

Your emotions are sacred
Your emotions are healing
The world moves every time you do.

- Selene

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