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About Selene Morales Serrano


Selene is a passionate and caring soul, who brings an innate gift to connect deeper on a more intuitive level, providing a safe container for her clients to relax into. She offers clarity and insight, leaving her clients with more sense of self awareness to create the necessary healthy changes they seek and desire.

She has her Reiki Masters and Practitioner, Mentorship in the Life Balance Development System. Mindfully and heart fully skilled in Energy Work, Selene has also discovered that her true joy lays in helping to promote and heal Sexuality in a more positive and meaningful way.

Healing her own sexual, emotional and mental trauma has lead her to her confidence in guiding others to do the same and where she finds her absolute pleasure in helping those who are seeking guidance on their journey to self.

" Selene Morales Serrano is a beautiful soul whose presence is a gift to any and all who meet her. Having met Selene several years ago I immediately sensed her mysterious, introspective nature. Her apparent and heartfelt concern for the wellbeing of others, along with her ability to really be present during conversations stuck out the most to me. When I discovered that Selene knew all about having visions and how to astral travel I knew I wanted to learn more from her. This desire to know whatever it was that she knew came at a time when I felt like I really needed guidance and clarity in my life. My first Life Balance treatment with Selene was powerful and I remember how grounded and present I felt afterwards. With Selene’s help I felt reassured, and confident in the direction that my life was going. Over the course of the next year I continued to see Selene for energy work, both in person and online, before eventually taking the Intuitive Life Balance Practitioner Program. Choosing to take this course from Selene was one of the best things I have ever done for my spiritual development. Never have I experienced so many encounters with the Divine as I did during this time. Thanks to Selene’s strong insight, positive encouragement and gentle advice the area where I continue to see the most growth is in my sacral chakra. Today, I am still working through my Life Balance Practitioner Practicum hours and despite being in different parts of the country, Selene continues to be there for me. In summary, Selene has been absolutely instrumental in my personal growth and I truly would not be where I am today without her loving support and wise guidance. Selene is highly intuitive, spiritually connected and cares deeply about others. The profound sense of clarity and personal power I feel after every session with her cannot be understated. Selene is a powerful woman with beautiful gifts and medicine to offer the world. "
- Shelby Lund
Life Balance Intutive Practitioner (in practicum), Artist

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