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Life Balance Intuitive Practitioner Program

This course provides you with the foundation of practical tools and ethical responsibilities to read, clear, balance and channel energy for optimal health and wellness (for yourself & your clients). This 20 hour program, with an additional 3 hour Trauma Informed Module, is enhanced with student mentoring and accountability from a healthy, growing community of Life Balance Practitioners & Mentors.


 Life Balance Intuitive Practitioner Program

Do people come to you for guidance in their lives?
Have you had experiences that are mysterious or unexplained?
Are you developing your non-scientifically observable capacities & need an ethical guide in energy awareness?
Do you already have certifications and want to expand the intuitive & professional application?


This 20 hr Professional Development program will teach you the Life Balance System of Energy Reading & Psychic Awareness, Intuitive Guidance as well as Energy Clearing, Balancing & Protections.


Learn to:

Understand types of gifts, systems and tools

Access clear intuition & channel for healing
Read, Translate & Clear energy within the body
Maintain energetic Boundaries & Protections
Offer Professional Life Balance Sessions with


After 20 documented sessions, & a final assessment session with your Life Balance Mentor, you will be certified as a

Life Balance Practitioner.

Assessment Session
Life Balance Practitioner Program (20 hrs)
1 Mentor Meetup (post instruction)
Final Examination (on your mentor after 20 session practicum)
Program Booklet & Reference Material

+ an Additional 3 hr Trauma Informed Training Module


" Gratitude! Excitement! All the "ah-ha's! 

A sense of affirmation & remembering of who I am & why I am here. "

- Emma Basky
Life Balance Practitioner (in practicum)

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