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After going through many tests and initiations, reclaiming my own feminine power, reawakening my ancestral wisdom and being, I’m feeling pretty good. Despite the loneliness that may linger every so often. It doesnt stay long now. The darkness, the yin truly is a marvelous place.

The journey asks us to let go of everything that is no longer working for us and step more into authenticity with integretity. Speak up in our beliefs and share our stories to help others. And yet we still find a way to judge one another. Where are you keeping yourself comfortable? What does your heart yearn for? What do you dream of?

Once you fully reclaim your worth and see yourself whole, women will either love and support you or envy you. Men will adore or fear you. Only triggering a part in them that still needs healing. Don’t let this stop you from being and sharing you. Don’t give away your worth and power to keep pleasing others when you know damn well it’s not in your best interest. Stop people pleasing. Even if they’re your best friend, lover, family member or community. You with holding your wisdom, knowledge and truth is not helping you or anyone. It is keeping you both, all in the same loop of pain. Not going anywhere. Growth stops. And you keep turning the hamster wheel, wondering why you might still feel like shit at the end of the day? Because you’re not listening to your intuition. You’re ignoring your strength as woman or man. You’re ignoring your inner voice.

Feel the earth beneath your feet. The wind on your skin. Feel the calls of your ancestors. They did not go through what they did for you to keep repeating the same cycles. It’s time to wake up brothers and sisters. Wake up to the calling and stand your ground. Those who are meant to be in your life, will. And those who are not, no worries. There is another path for them. And who’s to say they won’t enter your life at a different time anyway? We’re all connected doing our part. Continue trusting and doing yours.

Waking up. Rooted.


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