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I’m so grateful to have come to this place of love, now. Forgiveness has been made. Though we fought and went through the dances of love and hate. Letting go of all the burdens, all the grief months on end, here I am loving you and myself equally. And love, we did it all wrapped in stars, held by the earth when we needed it most. But always through it all with you. I do not regret my past lovers. They were all part of the dance, part of you. Showing me. Teaching me. To become a better lover myself. To see my wholesome self. To see myself in each of you and heal what must be now. I do this for me, to live happy and not in cycled pain anymore. But I also do it for you, for us. Our future. Because love, I will not let fear get in our way anymore. We have a gift. A gift to share. Keep dancing. Don’t stop loving. Even if I’m not with you in the flesh, I am always with you within the stars. Within you.

– Selene


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