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High On Love Sensual Bath Oil Review

I was so excited when I purchased the High on Love Sensual Bath Oil! I must have been needing some extra self-care, and this did it for me.

Sensual, check.

Even the elegant glass bottle it comes in. And if you’re into textures like me, the soft silky box it comes in, is sensual enough!

Add a few drops of this baby into your bath and it Will leave you feeling relaxed, soft and.. SENSUAL. Perfect for loving up on you, as did myself. Or enjoy with a partner.

Made from 100% natural ingredients, including Hemp Seed Oil. Leaving you feeling relaxed, stress free and helps with menstrual cramps!

The scent is so so subtle. I would have loved a burst of Lavender or Honey. Though, the more I’ve used it, the softer I get with myself, and really take note of my senses, the soft subtle smell does become more vibrant.

And let’s not forget how beautiful the elegant glass bottle it comes in. This will add an extra cup of tea to your liking!

Added bonus, it doesn’t leave an oily, greasy residue in your tub. Sweet! You do feel the slight slipperiness while in the tub. Though it quickly absorbs into your skin, leaving you feeling all soft and glowy! Definitely worth it, I would say.

Use my discount code: SELE2020 for 5% off before taxes and or shipping!




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