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Trifecta Triple Vibe Review

Ou weeee! What do I have to say about the Trifecta Triple Vibe? That it has Easily become one of my favourite Sex toys for many and my own personal reasons.

Obviously, the triple satisfaction knowing that you'll be receiving pleasure in all 3 of your favourite erogenous areas. And if not.. or you're not sure, this also makes a perfect, gentle toy to begin exploring with.

It's made from 100% soft silicone. Making it easy for insertion and easy clean up.

It's USB rechargeable. For plenty of vibrating play time.

Comes with 3 powerful motors and 10 different modes to choose from.

The shaft vibrates on it's own while the anal and clitoral share the vibration at the same time...

If you're aware about nerve endings, then you Know that having the anus and clit stimulated at the same time enhances pleasure and.. Orgasm!

And it's 100% waterproof. Take it into the shower or bath, completely submerged in water, no problem!

Ok, now for the personal experience..

I was thrilled to find out I was receiving this product. - As always, the material is what I gravitate to first. Soft, smooth, firm and flexible in the right areas.

The shaft is the perfect size I find. Not too big, with a nice size head with a curved shape for G Spot /Cervix penetration and stimulation.

The clit rabbit is also great. For those who enjoy more pressure and firmness against theirs or sliding your clit in between the ears, for a softer, yet powerful experience.

Now, the anal beads are fantastic. I'm usually weary about anal beads because of the rigid line you may find on the sides of most anal bead toys. I don't want anything scratching against my insides, and worry about the cleanliness of that too. - With this toy, there's none of that! Completely smooth, one of a kind.

I love that the beads graduate in size and they're the perfect size for anyone. Whether you're starting to explore anally or not, I can't say how much I love them enough. Flexible too, making insertion easy and enjoyable.

The handle is another great asset to this toy. The hollow hole makes it easy to grip and move around with.

Now, you have options. You can solely use the shaft, with light feather touching against the anus and clit..

You can use the clit and shaft only..

Or you can go all in, down and dirty and use all 3 for that triple pleasure.

Though the vibrations are quite discreet, they are powerful. And if you're going to town, you'll want to have some privacy to yourself when partaking with this bad boy.. aka NO roommates around.

You want to get really into it.. you know what I'm saying?

Best to use a water based lube or a gentle silicone. Do be watchful as silicone on silicone may break down the toy over time.

It does come with a 5 year warranty. If you chose to.

Otherwise, in conclusion, this is by far the best toy I've had the Pleasure of trying. And highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to explore or enjoys all 3 of these areas being stimulated at once.

And yes, I've orgasmed each time and in a short amount of time.


Purchase yours online at and use my discount code: SELE2020 and save now, 20% off before taxes and shipping!

Love Yours Truly,



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