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Lelo Sona Review

This smooth, sleek little baby comes with it’s own style providing a packing punch, with NOT vibration but Sonic Waves. All designed for your clitoris! (Explore other erogenous zones, recommend;))

The first time I used Sona by Lelo, my head literally went back in less 3 seconds. If you have a sensitive clit like me, you won’t need much to have your desired pleasure needs met.

Designed to stimulate not only the external part of the clitoris, but the entire inside as well. What you don’t see. Sending sonic waves, pulsing throughout your body for that oral like stimulation! Yeah.

Made from silicone. Texture people, you’re going to love the feel of this one!

100% waterproof. Making it super easy to clean. Especially if you’re only using it for clit play, it doesn’t get too messy.

USB rechargeable! Providing you hours of play.

8 different modes of sonic waves to explore!

Did I mention smooth and elegant?

Again, if you’re sensitive, take you’re time. I do not recommend directly going for your clit. Explore around. Get the other parts of your clit aroused before sending her to a whole new world!

Shop for yours online at

Use my discount code to get 5% off before taxes and shipping! SELE2020


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