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Nen Wa Balls Review

It took me a while to build the courage and try the Nen Wa Balls, made from Magnetic Hematite. – I have never worked with a product before when doing kegel exercises and still had this tiny bit of fear that it would get stuck. Even though I know it’s impossible, and the Cervix is there creating a barrier to stop anything from entering further. None the less, I finally gave it a go!

I started with one. Now, they do have quite the weight on them, so be sure to get it right up the Vagina. – From there I was able to walk around in slow steps and movements with each breath doing the kegels. – You really do become more aware of where you’re squeezing, feeling the different sensations in your vagina and around the ball.

Getting it out was a lot easier than I anticipated as well. Like I mentioned, there is quite the weight on them, so one good squat and push and you’re good to go.

Now, getting both of them inside was another experience. Because they’re magnetic, I do not recommend putting one in and then the other as they may very possibly gravitate to one another, and you may or may not get your inner lip caught in-between… yeah. So please be mindful! I recommend having them both out, already fused together and then putting them in.

It was some work keeping them both inside. But with a bit more practice and patience, I imagine it will get easier to hold.

The Nen Wa Balls have definitely become a lot more fun to use. I look forward to exploring and bringing even more conscious awareness to the breath and vaginal connection, leading to more healthy openings.

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